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Please note if you follow us on FB our name has changed  to Sessions of Serenity 

Tammy Barnes LPC/MHSP NCC


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor/Mental Health Specialist.(Temp) I am NCC certified and am a Clinically Certified Trauma Professional trained in Trauma Focused-CBT and Forward Facing Trauma Therapy. 
I am a bit off the wall and some say a bit too open but I cannot  expect someone to come in and trust me with their deepest thoughts and secrets, without creating a genuine therapeutic relationship.  Genuine means you get a real person. One who is not afraid to share emotions. One that will celebrate life's ups and downs with you, to cry with you, scream with you, pray with you and pray for you but above all I'm here to help you heal.

Not your Traditional Therapist

Healing comes in many forms and fashions. I love using what works for you. I use music, poetry, art, sand, writing and anything else that will help bring out the strength inside you. To help understand more about who you are and whats important to you and brings you serenity. Together we will create a plan that challenges you and helps you to bring more serenity to your life. 

Personal Stuff 

On the personal side I am a christian wife and a mom. I have 2 adult children. My husband and I have been blessed and are Papa and Nana to five beautiful grand children. My place of serenity is on the beach in PCB Florida. I am all about The Nashville Preds. I love all the guys but Viktor, Sissions, and Saros are my favorite. 

I am a huge Daughtry fan but love all music in general.

Honestly I am an open book want to know just ask. 

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Specializing in Anxiety, Depression, Self Harm, PTSD, Trauma and DID in adults, teens and children


Anxiety can slowly begin to rob you of the things you love. It can hurt your work performance and destroy relationships. What most don't understand is that it is our own maladaptive thought processes that help to fuel the anxiety we fear. Through self regulation and cognitive behavioral therapy you can learn to live a life free from anxiety. 

PTSD/ Trauma 

When trauma occurs it is scientifically known that it changes the brain. When the brain can not process traumatic events it gets stuck in a never ending loop that with each cycle creates more harm, maladaptive thought processes which lead to panic, anxiety, depression, addictions or worse. 

PTSD will not resolve on its own symptoms typically only get worse.

However there is evidence based treatments such as TF-CBT and FFTT that help the brain resolve the problem and heal. Call today for a free consult and to learn more about how I can help. 


Depression can be situational, hormonal,  caused by a chemical imbalance, lack of nutrition, or even lack of sleep. It takes away that spark that was once inside you and robs you of hope for your future. 

Don't let depression rob you another moment. There is help, you just have to reach out and together we will find the cause for your depression and design a treatment plan that brings back joy and hope for the future. 

Dissociative Identity Disorder

The world with DID can be terrifying, unmanageable, leaving most feeling scared, alone, and that life is not worth living with this condition.  This condition is often misdiagnosed and patients often spend time in and out of hospitals never getting better.

Treating those with DID is a passion of mine and an issue that is very close to my heart as it almost took the life of my best friend on more than 1 occasion. 

But you can live a better life by learning how to communicate with your system and begin to use it to help you in positive ways. 

Self Harm

1 in 12 teens engage in self harm on a regular basis. Self harm is just like any other unhealthy coping mechanism and can also become addictive. Learning new coping skills to replace this behavior is key as well as finding the underlying reason for the need to self harm. 

If your child is self harming it is a sign that professional help is needed. 

Children , Adolescents
and Teens 

I have over 30 years combined experience working with children, adolescents and teens. I have a 2 yr certificate in early childhood education. I have worked with children in foster care. teens in states custody, inner city youth, and the child advocacy center counseling children who have been through extreme physical or sexual abuse, and neglect. 

I use a host of different interventions to treat this population such play therapy, sand tray, redirection, cbt, tf-cbt and  Parent Child Interactive therapy  also known as  PCIT

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